Software Configuration Management, Version Control, Bug Tracking, Change Control, Time and Process Management. All in StarTeam!

Best Practices - Index


StarTeam has revolutionized software configuration management (SCM) applications by saving your company time, money, and code integrity.

 Since StarTeam�s inception, we have learned from our own experiences and that of our customers about the best ways to install, configure and use StarTeam. We�d like to share this knowledge and information with you. This document includes:

       StarTeam Best Practices at Ericsson
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       StarTeam Best Practices
The complete document.
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You can also download the complete document as a PDF file for later reading.

       The StarTeam Model
An overview of the object-model used in StarTeam which reviews the differences between project-oriented systems like StarTeam and file-oriented systems like PVCS, Visual SourceSafe, and MKS.

       Software Development Processes
A review of some of the basic processes used in software development and how StarTeam supports these processes.

       Capability Maturity Model
Some techniques for those organizations that strive for compliance with the Software Engineering Institute�s Capability Maturity Model.

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